Welcome To Dabneyland

It’s official. Dabneyland is open for friends to traipse through my random thoughts which are under the Lord’s daily construction.
If I were to be honest, I’ve started this blog for two reasons: First, I write for The Good News, and I was the only author without a place to quip away for the world to see (thanks for the pressure, guys).
Second, I forget.
No—literally…I forget most of what happens in my life. It’s a scary place to be, and even scarier to admit. My body ingested heavy doses of drugs twelve years ago during my battles with Hodgkin’s Disease. Since that time, my (non-photographed) memories like to slip away, leaving my personal journals to replay the only pictures of my past. Sadly, most of them include unfortunate experiences I ranted about to my diary knowing she’d never expose my weaker side.
So here I am forcing myself to write my weekly (more like bi-monthly) happenings—a new diary of sorts—with the hope of creating cyber-cells to aid my flailing brain. And, that a brighter, cheerier side to my past will emerge from friends and family clearing the murkiness fogging my mind. (See, Dabneyland can be fun for all! You could make up memories, and I’d travel there with you, nodding all the while, even throwing in an “ahhh” and “hmm” for appeasement’s sake.)
On the brighter side, I’m the best secret-keeper. Tell me your deepest thoughts and in three days (kind of like Jesus) the words will resurrect to the clouds, lost forever. Just don’t ask, “Remember when I told you about…?” Because I probably won’t.
Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy the ride…and, if you’ve got a memory or two to share of our friendship–please post away. I’m ready (I think) to relive those adventures.
In His hands,

  1. I promise that I will read and enjoy your posts, and hope that I can get to know you better because the only memories I have of you so far are the Mops speaking engagement when you shared your testimony with us, and the Father Daughter dance. I certainly understand not remembering much, although for me I have no reason why I am not retaining mine :O)
    So, saying that, my prayer is that both you and I would enjoy the fullness of our memories, and have the capability to retain those important and special memories that are needed to fulfil the future, endure the present, and reminice about the past!
    You are one amazing woman! I bless you with every spiritual blessing that God has laid out for you Dabney, believing you have been chosen to share your amazing life to encourage others to keep going, and to stand even when it seems they cannot stand anymore! I admire you for fighting and holding dear to your life during the challenges of life so taht this one thing could be accomplished, that Christ be glorified, and all of the suffering would be nothing compared to His surpassing greatness!
    Be blessed my friend!
    Robyn Barkley

  2. g. says:

    I think, above, where you said “So hear I am forcing” you might have meant “So here I am forcing”.
    And, I believe the title should be Grammar Grand Poomba, just to be more gender neutral. Cost of living in this modern world.

    • dabneyland says:

      Lovin’ that you caught this. Thanks for playing. So you wanna edit my post to read “Grammar Grand Poomba” do ya? Hmm…really didn’t think any males would take the challenge. Oh, the creative debacle you’ve created. Lyndsey flagged something earlier, so that’s one point Cornell, one point Marecki. May the best grammarian win…and select their title. How’s that sound? Thankfully for you guys, plenty of opportunities abound for grammatical corrections in future posts. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to humor me. You’re kind of the best.

  3. Ragan Massey says:

    hmmm…memories!!!! I have so many of our friendship, our before friendship and our after becoming friends. You treated me the way God treats us and that is with love, forgiveness and grace! Out of your willingness to accept me (flaws and all) I gained one of the best friends ever. Here goes a list of my Dabney memories let me know if you need more details.
    1. new cute blonde girl enters my turf (insert music to “sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers”)
    2. new cute blonde girl shows up at my apartment and spills Kool-Aid on my brand new carpet (stain is probably still there…I loved that stain btw)
    3. boxing class…I thought you just wanted an excuse to hit me but you really wanted to be my friend at the amazement of like all of our other friends.
    4. game night dominos and pee yourself kind of laughter
    5. Busch Gardens, you and Todd kept riding while Jay and I tossed our cookies in the garbage
    6. pregnant at the same time with your first and my middle.
    7. intense itching begins (you remember this well)
    8. the call…the diagnosis (one of the most shocking days of so many peoples lives)
    9. your amazing healing journey (glad to be a witness to your miracle journey)
    10. tattoos on your head
    11. “roaster” for Thanksgiving – how could i know it was a chicken?
    12. babies, play dates, fun times in the pool
    13. Visits to Moffitt and then to Moffitt apartment to scrub fruit and toilets
    14. more babies!
    15. Me breaking news to you that I thought you already knew…I am crazy like that
    16. Lots of fun and laughing times!
    17. Moving to TN (sad day) Missed you…still do
    Basically you are one of my best friends. I have foggy moments but there is no excuse for mine. If you ever need more memories and details…I am a history book. I forgot so much of my young life that I try to keep all of my younger-older life alive in my memory!
    On a side note: please do not correct my grammar…dyslexia is not my friend.
    Love you!!!

    • dabneyland says:

      LOVE it! I have the biggest smile on my face right now. I knew we had many happy, silly (and some sad) memories together. Thanks for this. I’ll keep if forever. The most vivid memories I have are from Moffit/recovery (Target– walking around w/ my new mask, MAC make-up–where the sales clerk would not touch me because of my mask, and THE big reveal–when you told me I should have died twice and how shocked I was to find out weeks later). So wish we still lived nearby. Many good memories and many crazy, laughable moments.
      The only memory that wasn’t triggered was the Kool-aid moment? Hmmm. 😉
      Thanks for responding, Ragan. I’m keeping this post forever. And you will forever be one of my favorite friends. 🙂

  4. Beverly Foy says:

    Dabney, I love you like you were my own. Afterall you and Ashlee spent a lot of highschool years together. But the one thing I remember is the night Ashlee came home from Awanna with you. She was crying and said mom I know this sounds strange but “Dabney washed my feet”. Then she told me the whole story. This is the night she ask me and Jim why we don’t go to church. Talking about being hit right in the face. God gave us a wake up call that night. And, he did it thru our daughter Ashlee. Jim told her we didn’t have any excuse. She persisted with us then and ask if we could go as a family to church. She said Dabney’s family goes, so why don’t we? Jim told her we would go as a family. It didn’t stop there! She said Good daddy we will go this Sunday. That was 23 years ago Dabney. We went to PFBC our second Sunday and then joined. God worked thru you, to Ashlee, then to Jim and I. Thank you for being obedient to God and bringing all of us as a family back to Him. We love you Dear One! Love Bev Foy

    • dabneyland says:

      Reading this brings tears to my eyes. God is good and he uses us all. I never knew this story…I never knew that’s why you guys started to go to Palmetto First Baptist Church. Thank you for this precious moment you’ve shared. I’m blessed to you and your family.

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