2011 Summer Reading List

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed.” ~ Francis Bacon
Girl ReadingA bad book is a time thief, and with four kids to chase (a form of exercise, I assure you) choosing material wisely is a must. Sifting through book reviews and excerpts allows me to locate my preferred writing style — one I know will hold my attention until the last page. A good find is much like a beloved friend; you laugh, cry and struggle at times, but in the end, you’re better off knowing each other. Here is a list of personal favorites for your summer beach – reading excursions.
Redeeming Love
By Francine Rivers
I’m not the romance novel type, but bestselling author, Francine Rivers sets the bar high for this genre. Redeeming Love opens in the 1850’s with Sarah (the by-product of an affair) rejected by her father at a young age. Her mother turns to prostitution to provide, but when tragedy strikes, Sarah is sold to a brothel and renamed “Angel.” Used over and over, Angel harbors hatred towards men and learns to disconnect from her circumstances. One day the spiritually minded Michael Hosea passes Angel on the street and hears God tell him this is his promised bride. Michael pursues Angel, even pays for a night…
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  1. laurabennet says:

    My favorite book by my favorite author! (Haven’t read yours yet…) I’m so blown away by your website and first chapter. I found you on Unshakeable Hope’s site. I’ve been ill these past few months and find inspiration and encouragement from those of you who have REALLY been ill and seen God do miracles and sustain you when all seems lost. It makes my illness look like a walk in the park and keeps me going. Thank you for sharing. You are a beautiful woman with a wonderful family and a love of and faith in God that draws people. I can’t wait to read the rest of your blog and book!

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