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    Are You Depressed?

    Three of my kids hid in their room, afraid to come out. While I sobbed on the floor, my oldest — ten years old at the time — tried comforting me, even prayed over my slackened body. Sadly, the weight of debt, insecurities and the fear of living in the middle of a cancer cluster pressed me further into the ground. I’d already battled cancer twice and couldn’t imagine any way out of our circumstances. I reached out to a few friends when my down days first washed over me nearly two years ago. It was an uncomfortable admission, especially for someone like me who spent time with the Lord.…

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    Cold Coffee

    You know it’s a bad day when this morning’s cold coffee is really a means to an end come 11:00 a.m. We had a fabulous weekend with family visiting and friends who graciously sacrificed their Sunday afternoon to de-clutter my back office and yank out unsightly bushes surrounding our 1950s fixer-upper. I loved the productivity. Then I woke Monday with that “Oh, no” feeling. I hadn’t written a single thing in three days. To some, this is an odd concept—especially if you hate putting words on paper, or–well–a computer screen. But, when you’re on assignment, missing a weekend sets you back. Way back. So this afternoon I’m slurping back any form of caffeine…

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    I’m guilty. I had little desire to attend yesterday’s Easter service. After all, haven’t I heard this most important message more than any other? I’d taught it to my children all week, and–since I’m already doing a bunch of confessing–I was more excited about watching them open Easter baskets. Then, once seated in service, my pastor played a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-hW680pCLs Guilty. Tears filled my eyes watching this new perspective twist. Lord, forgive my apathetic soul. How heartless of me to think I’ve seen or learned it all. Thank you for the cross. The sacrifice. Your son. And…for the humbling reminder.