Cold Coffee

You know it’s a bad day when this morning’s cold coffee is really a means to an end come 11:00 a.m.
We had a fabulous weekend with family visiting and friends who graciously sacrificed their Sunday afternoon to de-clutter my back office and yank out unsightly bushes surrounding our 1950s fixer-upper.
I loved the productivity.
Then I woke Monday with that “Oh, no” feeling. I hadn’t written a single thing in three days. To some, this is an odd concept—especially if you hate putting words on paper, or–well–a computer screen. But, when you’re on assignment, missing a weekend sets you back. Way back.
So this afternoon I’m slurping back any form of caffeine to awaken my mind: cold coffee, green tea, even Extra Strength Excedrin’s sounding pretty good right about now. I need something new written. Now.
In an effort ignite creativity, I logged on to my favorite music station. Of course Keith Green’s “Make My Life a Prayer” was Pandora’s first selection:
“Make my life a prayer to you I wanna do what you want me to…I want to thank you now for being patient with me Oh it’s so hard to see when my eyes are on me…”
Sometimes I need the break from Dabney and her crazy life. I need to appreciate family and friends that, sadly, I push away because I’m project-driven. But God keeps bringing my favorite believers around to refresh my soul.
I love that about Him.
Cold coffee it is this afternoon, and lots of prayers the words He puts on my heart will flow swiftly on paper. Or screen. I’m not picky. 😉 Maybe if you’ve read this far, you’ll say a prayer for me today. I sure could use it.
In His hands,


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