10 Reasons This Blog Won't Make WordPress' Freshly Pressed

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10. I love my husband. That’s kind of boring these days.
9. I’m not swearing like a sailor. Although I could. But it would require dropping large objects on my toe. Even then, you might only get a “shucky darn” outta of me. Just sayin’.
8. I use words like: Satan, Enemy, Father of Lies in my posts, and I’m not talking about the silly pitched-forked man running around in red tights.
7. I’m not “Liking” thousands of other blogs for visibility’s sake with the hope they’ll “Like” me back. (I’ve considered stooping there, though. I’m not above this. Honestly.)
6. I talk about spiritual warfare, which really freaks people out.
5. They’d make me censor my posts, and, I’m certain, delete one in particular.
4. My content isn’t reader-centered. (This is Dabneyland. Hello.)
3. I love Jesus. I’m pretty sure they’d shudder just reading His name.
2. I believe Heaven is for real, and not all roads lead there.
1. Dabneyland is written by a sinner who seeks daily forgiveness for things like judging Word Press for primarily showcasing non-Christian blogs. There. I’ve confessed my deep dark sin for the day. Whew.
For those unfamiliar with WordPress, I apologize for lamenting. I really do love their blogger-friendly support. I just rarely see Christian bloggers spotlighted on their Freshly Pressed homepage (which brings oodles of traffic–the good kind. Oh, boy. Mom. Just email me and I’ll explain what blog traffic means. It’s a good thing. Promise.). Maybe WordPress knows we’d be filleted and they’re protecting people like us?
Thoughts? Beuller? Can I get an “Amen?” (See. That would freak them out, too.)

  1. Brenda says:

    OK its Mom and you need to explain “blog” to my antiquated thought process. When did people stop talking? My fingers or mind have no knowledge of texting.
    Why use your fingers on mineature print when you can verbally “express” yourself.
    To me, we are moving backward into manual labor.
    That being said, your thoughts are correct even if your methods are “unusual”.
    God’s richest blessings my daughter!

  2. Rubee says:

    You are not alone! I ask God’s guidance each day and He humors me! We are silent but many.

  3. rumpydog says:

    You’re right. They seem to have a pretty clear-cut profile for blogs they choose.

  4. linda reinek says:

    wow! that was really great ,your teaching and scripture was just what I needed today thank you so much. love linda

    • dabneyland says:

      Thanks, Linda. The passages on spiritual warfare are good to return to on those days when you feel hit the hardest. Praying for you!

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  8. laurabennet says:

    Thank you. Well said. And with humor 🙂 I’m with you. Pretty sure I’ve never been freshly pressed either. Thank goodness God’s capabilities allow for our blogs to get to the right people at the right time. Even if it doesn’t give us our 10,000+ readers. Nothing wasted, right?

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