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Fellow Wordsmiths: Help (said in my most desperate voice)

Help logo“She’ll Never Make it Through the Night”: A football-sized-tumor and the decision keep her child initiated a battle of nine life-threatening illnesses
The quoted words are the title of my book. The tagline following, well…that’s what I’ve been playing with.
Help, please.
Since taglines play an important part in drawing your reader in, I’d really love candid feedback, suggestions, or a complete rewrite. Any of these’ll work. I’ll even check my feelings at the door so you can share from the gut.
Here are some options:
“She’ll Never Make it Through the Night”:
1) A football-sized-tumor and the decision to keep her child initiated a battle of nine life-threatening illnesses
2) The nine life-threatening illnesses of Dabney
3) An erratic journey of health pitfalls followed by healing, hope, and a renewed view of life
4) An unforgettable story about faith, hope, and the power of prayer
5) A single prayer followed by supernatural peace could transform her. Or kill her. Only God knew.
6) One woman’s decade-long journey fighting nine life-threatening illnesses
7) (Your incredible suggestion that may end up on the cover of the book and a big ol’ thanks in the acknowledgement section)
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