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And The Book Cover Is…

After all the votes were tallied, here’s what you decided:
1) E: 35 (Headshot cover)
2) B: 28 (Blue cover w/ rushing doctor)
3) C: 16 (Collage of three photos)
4) D: 13 (Clouds, When God Intervenes)
5) A: 10 (Red and yellow cover with doctor)Never_make_it_2
Jason and my sister, Christine, picked the top two (rushing doctors) and tried desperately to sway me in that direction for all the reasons most of you mentioned: “Sense of urgency, action.”
Never Make ItBut which was my *original* favorite, someone asked?
The one most of you picked. The cover showcasing the headshot, because this looks the most memoir-ish and I appear normal.
Not sick.
Coming in second was the collage of photos. The uncomfortable center image grabs your Never_make_it_3attention and, I hoped, would encourage readers to flip to the back cover and read on. In my opinion, this would draw more strangers to potentially pick up the book, although that center image will always disturb me. 🙁
My third choice: When God Intervenes. Basically, like many of you noted, this gives glory to God and seems uplifting. When I was sick, I needed hope. Any hope. Picking up a *hopeful* looking book would have been my choice.
So which did I choose? Let’s just say my editor and agent and the marketing team at Tyndale are pretty good arm-twisters and apparently have been in this business longer than little ol’ me.
They asked me if I trusted them?
Well, of course I trust them. They’re the experts. But could I trust them to name my baby, possibly the biggest decision in this whole publishing process.
After a nervous, nail biting dance and lots of prayers thrown heavenward, I agreed to trust the experts.
Turns out, that was a good choice.
English: The interior of the Barnes & Noble lo...The marketing team presents books to their reps who then pitch books to their buyers (i.e. Wal-mart, Barnes and Nobles, etc.). You want buyers to be interested in the book because that means they may buy units. Purchasing units means the book makes it into stores.
Well, hello. That sounds spectacular to me.
So what did the reps have to say? They liked the story’s concept, but said the original title, She’ll Never Make It Through the Night, needed to change and reflect the miracles surrounding the story. People are searching for hope, the said.
Well, duh. I knew that. How in the world did I not consider a positive spin to be reflected in the title?
Sometimes it takes me longer to catch on.
So, can you guess which title we picked?
Yep; When God Intervenes.
When God Intervenes
Because He did and I have to trust my team of experts and the more I look at these cover choices, one rises to the top and shouts God’s glory.
It may not be picked up by as many strangers, but it may just bring hope to the hurting souls that need to know God is still in the business of performing miracles.
And that’s all I’ve prayed for all along.
Love you guys. Every time someone posted a comment, my eyes watered.
It sounds silly typing that, but it’s true.
I love that you care. I love that you comment. And I love that you put up with me and my posts.
To God be all glory.


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