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The Video I Wanted to Reshoot

Let’s get one thing straight, friends. This Friday, May 10, I will not be Debbie Downer when I speak at Calvary Church in Jupiter.Why do I need to clarify this?
Well, our ever-talented Creative Director from Calvary, Kevin, chided me yesterday that he was going to insert faux tears on my video announcement they played that morning at church because I looked weepy.
I laughed. I knew he was kidding. But, of course I looked weepy. He knew the emotional stuff would bubble out as soon as the camera started rolling.
I think that was his plan all along.
You see, I arrived at the shoot with a clever script prepared; one that would have piqued the audience’s interest (one I had planned to smile while speaking into the lens), and hopefully encouraged the ladies to come out on a Friday night.
Kevin read through my commercial. Laughed at all the right parts. Then crumpled the paper and tossed it aside.
He had an idea, he said.
I stared at my wadded words on the ground.
“We need something weepy, raw, emotional,” he cried.
Ok. He didn’t cry or say those words. He mentioned speaking from the heart, and then gave me 56 seconds or so to prep before his blinding camera light flipped on and he said, “Whenever you’re ready.”
I shifted on my stool. I was ready before I walked in the studio. Not now, though. No. Now I’m supposed to share a 60-second blurb on the fly? I’m a preparer. Not an improver. Those last two words ending in -er aren’t real words, are they? I’m not sure. Good thing people can’t hear my thoughts. Kevin’s looking at me. Say something smart. Funny. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry. Here we go.
What I wasn’t expecting was to get caught up in the emotion of it all.
Even though I wanted to reshoot this video and showcase a more uplifting side, the hope-filled side, Kevin was right all along.
This is me.
I’m just glad he cut the part where I frantically blinked back tears, trying to look like I wasn’t crying. That was nice of him.
Thanks, Kevin. And Calvary. And all the many ladies who signed up.
Debbie Downer will not be in the building.
But God will. And so will His story.
To see the mini-clip, click the Facebook link below and scroll the timer to 3:26 minutes. It may take a few seconds to load. Sorry I’m not tech-savvy enough to splice out the beginning.
I guess there’s a reason Kevin’s the Creative Director, and I’m not. He did a pretty swell job.
(This post was written with a hint of sarcasm, attempted humor, and much love for my church and their staff.) 😉


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