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    "It's Back"

    It started when the police officer knocked on my door. That’s when I knew my week had finally culminated into crazy. Just an hour earlier my sister’s power had blown, making it impossible for her industrial-sized printer to produce the last of the merchandise for my “Get Well” baskets we created for that afternoon’s event. I laughed at her text. How could I not? I’d been in bed fighting some upper respiratory cough for the last three weeks, and the day before I had rushed to the Urgent Care, then the hospital for a CT because my X-ray they’d taken to rule out broken ribs from coughing so much came…

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    God's Got a Message for You

    God’s got a message for you. His plan, the one He’s already mapped out, He’s going to complete it. Come out to hear me share at the Palm Beach Women’s Network on September 19, 2013  from 12-2:00 PM at the Frenchman’s Reserve in Palm Beach Gardens, FL to find out how unbelievable our God is. If He can use this ordinary girl, He can use anyone. Grow your business, faith, and community by attending this networking luncheon. RSVP at  Chelsea@palmbeachwomensnetwork.com by September 17 to reserve your seat! Or, for more information visit the Palm Beach Women’s network website at: http://palmbeachwomensnetwork.com/ Frenchman’s Reserve 3370 Grande Corniche Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-1613    

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    Free Today and Tomorrow! Download When God Intervenes (E-book, Nook, Kindle)

    For those of us who like a bargain, today’s your day! When God Intervenes is free via Kindle and Nook downl0ads at Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Eek! I just love a deal. But what I’d love more is for people to hear just how miraculous our God is. If you know of someone who’d be blessed by this, please pass it on. Much love, Dabney ~~~ “Wow. This truly is a can’t-put-it-down book! The first page sucked me in, turning pages as quickly as possible to see what happened next. It took me through a myriad of emotions, and made me reflect on my own life.” Cheryl “What a rollercoaster ride…