Free Decorating Book Giveaway—A Fun Christmas Gift for the Girl in Your Life!

photo (7)From time to time, I review books when something piques my interest. Since thinking about decorating makes my brain hurt, I thought reading The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room might offer some tips for me and my girls on how to recreate their rooms. Let’s face it, I need all the help I can get.
I assumed this would be your typical how-to decorating guide for tweens, but it’s not.
It’s much more.
It’s a discover-your-design-style and makeover-your-heart-and-room-devotional all wrapped into one.
Each chapter starts with a relatable story of a girl sharing a challenge she’s facing both in her personal life and with a design dilemma. The first chapter opens with Maddy dreaming of redecorating her room, but deliberating on how she can afford such a thing. She decides on hosting a garage sale to declutter her belongings and generate the extra cash.
But, the practical tips don’t stop there.
The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room teaches you how to plan your room by building a “Bedroom Diorama” out of a shoebox. The author then goes on to provides quizzes to decide your design style and even offers economical ways to recycle unused objects lying around. Some of my favorite examples were repurposing a t-shirt by transforming the design into wall art, and braiding your own rug from gently used sheets, shirts, and skirts.
Seriously? Where were these fun projects when I was growing up?
What sets this book apart from others are the short devotionals tucked and tied into the decorating tips. That’s a mighty clever way to introduce character building suggestions into your tweens life.
All in all, this is an easy to read devotional/design book any girl would enjoy. I think the only thing that would have added extra umph to this book have been color photos of redecorated rooms instead of drawings. My visual brain likes pictures, but my teen had no problem envisioning the projects as she read. This would be why I let her help design my home. 🙂
Here’s my 14-year-old daughter’s take on the book:
T.ROLLO 038“This is a perfect book for any beginner of the faith, or a girl already walking with Jesus who needs some simple spiritual tools and reminders. This book gives real life situations and mistakes often made that girls can relate to. There are also many spaces reserved for them to write their feelings and opinions.
I think one of the most fun ideas of the book were the quizzes! These quick and amusing tests would make for a great giggle shared with friends or siblings.
As far as decorating goes, this book had several inexpensive ideas for redecorating a room practically, even for the most inexperienced of sewers and crafters.” ~ Madison
Does your daughter need a room makeover? Or, maybe she needs some ideas for how to declutter and organize her space. For a chance to win a FREE copy of this book, tell me why your daughter/granddaughter/niece is in need of design tips? I’ll let Madison read through the comments and select a winner.
Good luck!
For more information about the book, visit Sherry Kyle’s webpage at:

  1. Lynda Smith says:

    My 12 yr old granddaughter doesn’t get any encouragement to do something with her room. Also she is a babe in Christ and her parents don’t take them to church frequently.

  2. Melanie says:

    Our 12 yr old daughter loves Jesus and loves designing things. And she has to share a room with… her brother! I’m sure she’d appreciate a little help making her half of the room “her own”. Love your blog and your take on life with God leading the way!

    • dabneyhedegard says:

      Oh, no! Sharing a room with your brother can be tough. My 10-year-old shares a room with her brother…so I know how important it is to be able to make your space your own!
      Thanks for commenting. You’re in the running too, and you’re odds are looking good!

  3. Not entering the competition just wanted to say what a beautiful photo of you and your daughter … after all that you’ve been through, you look so radiant …

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