Eeeeeeeee! Can You Believe It?

Do you hear that?
It’s me. Squealing or screaming or making some other super surprised noise.
Why am I squealing like a smitten school girl, you might be wondering? Confession time. Most of my youth I dreamed of having my name printed on a pretty pink pencil or polka-dotted coffee mug at one of those specialty shops. You know, like Hallmark. {Hey, I grew up in a small town. Hallmark was a big deal to us Palmetto-ians} However, the closest wording I ever found to my name was Daphne or Debbie or Darcy.
Sad, right? Okay. Not really. But I always twirled those roundabout circular display thingies hoping that one day my name would appear.
Never happened. Not even to this day {I still look}.
But get this. Barbara, a dear friend of mine, emailed me saying she submitted my name and my story to the company she works for and they were considering naming one of their purse lines after me.
And guess what? There is now a DABNEY bag.
And it looks like this:
MICHE named a line of purses after me! That red one is the DABNEY bag!
You would squeal too, right?
This is what I looked like after I opened the box.
photo 5
{For the record, I rarely take selfies. Let’s be honest. My short arms struggle to get enough distance between my face and the camera. This equals unfavorable looking selfies…but for you guys—I’m sharing, long-overdue highlights and all.}
Then, my husband looked inside the purse and found this:
inside bag

Dabney is stamped on the inside! Craziness, I tell you.

Some of you might be wondering what the big deal is? {Which totally makes sense.} But, for this odd-named girl, this is huge! Every week I receive mail addressed to Dambey, Babney, Darby, Mr. Dabne, and just a few days ago…this:
See what I mean.
But this week, I tell ya what, tears filled my eyes as soon I read my silly name spelled correctly on an honest-to-goodness real item. Not a coffee mug or pencil.
This girl’s cheeks are hurting from all the smiling going on.
And the Big Man, you know…God? I imagine Him chuckling right about now, reading over my shoulder because I know He cares about silly things like this.
So, Barbara, thanks for your super sweet gesture.
And the execs at MICHE, thanks for picking my odd name and my crazy God-story to feature.
And my Heavenly Father, thanks for this precious gift…because we all know who they flow from.
“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” James 1:17
{Read Barbara’s submission to MICHE below}

Did you know that most of our Shells are named after someone special? Here is the inspiring story behind the Dabney line from the Fall 2014 Collection.
MICHE Director Barbara Olson, from Tennessee, submitted the following nomination email:
“My daughter, Lesli Strickland, and I are both Miche Representatives and we would like to submit the name of DABNEY for a future Shell. Dabney is an amazing woman who has just written a book telling of her ten-year battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The title of her book is, When God Intervenes. When Dabney was 25 years old, she was told she had a football-size tumor entangled around her lungs; to complicate that diagnosis, she was 6 weeks pregnant with her first child. That is the beginning of her story of a 10-year battle for her life and how God did intervene with one miracle after another. Her story is amazing and her life today is such a testimony of her strong faith and that of her husband as she fought a very tough battle. She went through three pregnancies during this time and after surviving the first pregnancy was told she would never have children again due to all the chemo. God had other ideas. They also, in this period of time, adopted a beautiful daughter
from China.
Today Dabney is sharing her story as a public speaker, has four of the most beautiful children you can imagine and a husband who has stood faithfully with her through the darkest days imaginable for any couple to experience.
Dabney is a personal friend: we attended her wedding and baby shower for her first baby and have reconnected with her through Facebook. Her book is an amazing memoir of her battle to survive cancer and other life-threatening health issues. She lives in West Palm Beach, FL.
She is an amazing woman and we would LOVE to see a Shell named in her honor.”

 PS I am not an affiliate of this company, nor do I receive any incentive for sharing about this purse. Promise. 🙂 However, my dear friend Barbara is. You can peruse her site by clicking here.

PPS For the record, my big sis often uses the name Dabney on her personalized gifts at She’s pretty swell for doing this. Mostly, I guess I’ve wanted to see it as one of the normal names mass produced among the Cindy’s and Brenda’s and Rachael’s. But really, how many Dabney mugs would they sell? Yeah, not many. 😉 


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