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Face Your Fears


Photo credit: Chris & Karen Highland (Creative Commons)

Fear is the great silencer in life.

I remember the moment a friend asked if I’d speak at his crisis pregnancy fundraiser. After an uncomfortable chuckle, I refused. “I’m not a speaker,” I reminded him.

He wasn’t looking for a speaker, he said, followed by something along the lines of, “God has given you a powerful testimony our guests would be blessed to hear.”

Biting my inner lip, I agreed. My tummy twisted as anxiety filled my spirit, so I prayed, polled friends for wise counsel, and eventually joined a public speaking group. However, I soon learned that of the twenty or so club members, few shared my faith in God. And the speech I needed help with was how the Lord protected my unborn baby while I endured chemotherapy during my pregnancy.

So now I fretted that I’d somehow offend these people by talking about God. Fear had entrapped me. With my speaking event a few months away, I had no other options. I practiced with these strangers my crazy God-story. And these kind folks coached me through, all the while hearing a message from a sheepish 30-year-old who would rather have shoved her head in a hole than shared her miraculous testimony.

Panic felt like a weapon used to slice my soul and render me wounded. Little did I know that this one speech would open the door to many more speaking events, where other strangers would spur me on to face yet another fear: writing.

This dyslexic, math-lover who failed the fourth grade somehow ended up being used by God in the most unusual ways, and all because I faced the things that had held me captive for far too long. God knew He wanted to use this testimony to reach other struggling souls.

I simply had to trust Him.

So what if I would have allowed my cowardice to silence my first speaking event? Fear could have kept me from the very thing God was calling me do.

The Bible says the “Fear of man is a dangerous trap . . .” (Proverbs 29:25 TLB). Clearly, anxiety hinders our faith. Maybe that’s why God repeated differing versions of “Do not be afraid” 365 times throughout the Word. He knew we’d need daily reminders to combat faith’s number one obstacle.

Dig: Today, trust the Lord with all of your heart like Proverbs 3:5 suggests. Write out your fears, praying for answers. Make sure you listen and write down what you feel the Lord is revealing.

Discover: Research “fear” in the Bible, and see what God reveals to you. Here are some verses to get you started: Isaiah 51:12a, Jeremiah 16:5, and 2 Timothy 1:7.

Display: Think of the fear consuming your thoughts and focus on one way God is leading you to face it. What step of faith is God asking you to take?

{Previously published in Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale’s Daily Devo.}


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