Holy Cannoli

Easter 2016Sometimes I think God gives me devotional ideas just for my benefit, even though I’m writing them once a month for Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale.
So, here comes some honesty.
I had a cruddy Easter yesterday.
I said it.
My hubby was sick. Then I got sick (stomach flu, anyone?). Then I needed to prep to teach Latin and Rhetoric for my daughter’s class the next day (Monday). Then, of course, I needed to make the big, happy Easter dinner.
But I wasn’t happy.
My China-doll needed help with her China project (due Monday), so of course I gave her some awesome creative advice she didn’t take. (Can you guess the one main trait we share? Anyone? Starts with “Con” ends with “trol”.)
After debating with a preteen, then studying for Latin, I headed into the kitchen at 4pm to prepare our Easter meal. By 8pm, my day felt like give, give, give, only I was wishing we could have blessed  someone else with dinner.
My new puppy had another puppy accident.
My youngest asked if she had to eat? Or could she only eat bread?
My son wanted to know when he could return to his XBOX?
Any my kitchen? Well, don’t ask.
All I could think was I wish we could have loved on a neighbor, friend, or at this point, a stranger–anyone who would appreciate the sacrifice. (You know, because it’s Easter…the most incredible day the Savior died for everyone. Oh, and did I mention J was in bed under the weather? He got the only free pass.)
I hated staying home, sick alone. We missed church. We missed fellowship. And my attitude was, well, kind of how this stinky blog post is sounding: rotten.
Something inside just felt wrong.
I was cranky all day and night and then I woke the same way, until I read this (click on “this” to read).
It’s like God knew I needed this reminder today.
Thank you, Lord, for your amazing ability to speak to me just when I’m my crankiest. Holy Cannoli. All I can say is Your timing is perfect.
(I apologize for the negativity scrawled across this post. I tried to edit-away the ugly. Forgive me?)
Thankfully, in my weakness, He is strong.

“That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties.

For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

2 Corinthians 12:10.


  1. Christina Davis says:

    I had a cruddy Easter too…Daughter was sick…no Easter Egg Hunt or church for us.
    Ran my hose and my daughter’s dress was too long (youngest) so I had to scramble at the last minute to find something for her to wear after fussing for weeks about 2 matching outfits for the two girls.
    Our family wasn’t together and we never made it to church…two things that are MOST important to me on this holiday…
    But I realized something…God is teaching me how to handle these kinds of days…how not to freak out, how not to get mad, how to appreciate the wonderful family that I have …and to remember I have made NO sacrifice as great as that of our Heavenly Father.
    I had a great Easter…because I HAVE Easter…because He rose.


    I was sick with the stomach flu also. And it made the whole day depressing. Had to cancel plans made for the day. My daughter misses her Daddy so much and it seems our family has pulled away from us since his death instead of embracing us. We talked this morning about how “alone” we both felt yesterday. We have already decided to make future plans to start celebrating our holidays in a different style from this experience!

  3. Great post and devotional, Dabney.
    I’m sorry you guys had a bad Easter. Our Easter was much better than last Easter when I was in the hospital with pneumonia fighting for every breath. It was nice to be home this year watching Easter movies with Mary…
    Hope you guys are better today.

  4. Dixie Senft says:

    May I quickly share my sister-in-laws recent less than 3 week Miracle from God? She felt the lump low in her abdomen for a while and finally got the courage to see her Dr. He immediatly ran blood tests and scans. And told her she had 3rd stage ovarian cancer. The oncologist her Dr consulted did not want to treat 3rd stage cancer and recommended that she see the oncologist surgeon at the teaching hospital in Milwaukee WI, associated with the Medical college. She had an all day appointment there, and they did more comprehensive testing and agreed she definitely had 3rd stage cancer. She is especially loved in our family and it set off prayers as widely spread as we could beg for. I knew God could heal her. Usually I always pray for Gods will but this time I pleaded for healing, but if not healing then for acceptance at the loss her going would bring to my brother and her mother an all who love her. An appointment was made for her surgery. Her husband stayed with her as her surgery was on hold for another emergency, and they prayed together and stayed calm and trusted Gods will. When finally the Dr got her open, a ton of fluid and blood and tissue flowed out, and he then worried her cancer must be worse than he thought. When he reached the tumor and removed it, it was just a huge benign ball of fibrous material the size of a newborns head. God healed her and in a way that all there knew it had to be a miracle. Please pray that those in the operating room continue to understand Gods amazing miracle that day. She is in her second weak of recovery and is already doing laundry and housework and wanting to go back to work. To us who love Him, we see His miracles every day, but to the as yet to believe folks this one is very large and visible.
    Thank you for letting me post such a long comment, but Holy cannoli, how freeing to praise Him in such a public way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I so love this!!! Not that you had a bad day, but that you are real…transparent…and for some of us that is VERY refreshing!! We love you and your family!! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!!

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