Heart-Surgery-Girl Is Going Where?

mom and maddie 2016
So what do you decide to do on your one year anniversary of heart surgery?
With bottles of Zika-repellent, go to Haiti, of course.
Yep. We decided Sunday {June 26, 2016} that I’ll be going with my 17-year-old, Maddie.
Only, my husband was supposed to go, you know, because he’s far more healthy than I am, or so I kept imagining.
But the truth is, I feel normal.
Really normal.
Surprisingly, refreshingly, magnificently…normal! {I know. Too many -ly words. Sorry, my grammatically-minded friends.}
Normal is glorious. It means you’re not sick. You’re not tired. You’re not running from doctor to doctor, dropping boatloads of co-pays, getting stuck with needles to determine, that yes…you are like the rest of the disease-free world.
Praise God for that!
Better yet, praise God I’m so normal that I can travel to Haiti in twelve days and love on some precious orphaned kiddos in another country.
Me, heart-surgery-girl, the person who used to pay karate fees twice because she forgot she’d paid two days prior, or the person who tried to tithe twice, before realizing that there was already a week-old carbon copy of our tithe check to remind me, or the person who six months ago would so remember your face, but couldn’t possibly recall your name…even though I’ve known you ten years.
mom and maddie morikomi
So, if you don’t mind…will  you please pray for us?
Me, and sweet Maddie?
That the trip goes smoothly, that Maddie’s dream of loving on babies goes well, that we all return happy, safe, and Zika-free? And possibly with a different type of healed heart. One that’s filled with a renewed understanding of precious people in this world who need Jesus, because really, that’s all they have. They’re not worried about where to travel on summer vacation or the perfect gourmet concoction to create for the 4th of July menu, they’re thinking of the hunger pangs grumbling in their bellies.
God prepare my heart for a different type of healing, the sobering, realistic kind that only truth can bring.
Love to all of you!
PS For those who asked, here is a link you can go to if you’re interested in more info.
maddie and mom bradenton


  • paula

    I am thrilled for you and Maddie and it sounds like an exciting trip. It is just what you need. Love all of you. Aunt Paula

  • Barbara Behl

    You go girl! My prayers, and my husband’s, will be with you, and for you! As of March 20, 2016 (Palm Sunday) we have a Haitian granddaughter, Daniela Eleora Behl, so Haiti now has an even more special place in our hearts. God speed!

  • John D Miller Jr

    I am SO happy for you Dabney, and glad that Maddie will be joining you. What better gift to give to your daughter than the opportunity to add value to precious young lives. My wife, Diane, and I sponsor a young boy in Haiti named Davinski and friends in our Life Group go there regilarly. We are excited that God has made you whole again to enjoy His goodness. Enjoy, my friend, and know that we are praying for both of you and longing for your safe return.
    God bless you.
    In Jesus name,
    John Miller
    Pace, FL

  • Paula M.

    You know…if you keep this up (and please DO!) you will have to change your tag line to “EX-professional patient”! Nothing would please me more. Go be Jesus’ hands and feet and don’t be afraid to show them your “scars” that speak so brightly of the Glory and Goodness of our God! Prayers for protection from illness and injury and increased energy and creativity! May God SHOW OFF through you two lovely ladies and cause many to turn to God! GET READY TO BE USED BY GOD! – I can’t wait to hear about it when you return. BIG HUGS-P

    • dabneyhedegard

      Oooooh, I LOVE that tag line!!!! God bless you just for saying that, sweet friend!!! Tears. In. My. Eyes. Love your sweet words! xo

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