That weird pressure in my side dwindled day by day until I woke this morning with no discomfort.
Praise. God!
And can I share one more amazing fact? After I posted my fears last week and asked for prayer, can I just tell you that I felt your prayers?
I wish I could have reached out my hand to one of you and transferred the experience, because I went from extreme heaviness of heart, to this weight falling from my body. Almost like I had purged whatever was bottled inside and handed it over. Mind you, that pain didn’t go right away, only the fear.
That’s amazing.
That’s God.
And I have to believe, that’s how corporate prayer works.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve posted on Facebook or texted friends or my hubby (my daily wise counsel) for prayer or more specifically my mom (who is my number one prayer warrior!), only to sense that gloominess mellow out. I can’t believe I’m struggling to fully articulate the sensation, but it’s this calming effect that’s so incredibly wonderful and can only be explained by prayer.
How amazing is our God? Today, which just so happens to be my re-birthday (the 17th anniversary of my stem-cell transplant, where they pretty much destroyed every living cell in my body, then rescued me by infusing new, infant cells…in essence, I was given new life or a “re-birth”), I have much to remember and much to thank God for. Even those cruddy experiences, because at some point in life, we all face tough times. I love how God reminds us in Isaiah 43:2 that,
“When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.”
He didn’t say “if”, but “when”. At some point, we all face tough times. And when you do, I’d encourage  you to ask for prayer. Open up. Share your heart with those loved ones you know will pray over you. I received many precious messages of encouragement this last week that filled my heart and soul with peace. Obviously, I realize sickness happens. But you know what, answered prayers happen, too.
That’s what I’m celebrating today.
What about you? Has God answered prayers in your life that we all could benefit from hearing?

  1. Barbara M Behl says:

    Awesome, thank you Dear Lord Jesus! And thank you Dabney for the good news! I just wanted to share my experience with Isaiah 43:2 – reading it a few years ago, I sensed God saying, “Pray this for Daniel (my son).” So I did daily, for awhile. Then I drifted and forgot. Six months later, a male friend with similar struggles & troubles as my son suggested praying for my son Isaiah 43:2 -5 AND praying/casting out self hate from Daniel at the same time because God had shown this male friend that these things are all related and not of God. It was amazing to me to open my Bible and find Isaiah 43:2 with my notes about Daniel and how God gently reminded me to go back and pray those verses again with a bonus of wisdom and understanding. God is truly the God of more.

  2. Kelly B says:


  3. Laura Bennet says:

    Praise God!! He is faithful and never leaves us without offering peace. I’m so thrilled for you – I get it! Thanks for sharing. Your words are encouraging.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Am rejoicing for you also but will continue in prayer to thank God for His goodness. 👍🙏🏼👍🙏🏼

  5. Kelley says:

    Yes! That is how corporate prayer works. I’ve felt prayers lift me up when I was sick, and just recently my sister had that experience too. I’m glad you got to experience it. It’s a wonderful feeling, and it makes God so immediate and *real*.

  6. I know that corporate prayer works, Dabney, I believe it’s what has sustained us for almost 21 years with ALS.
    (My 28 year old daughter was here, and she always rummages through my bookcase before leaving. Guess which book she stole today? That’s right, When God Intervenes. Great book by a great author).

    • dabneyhedegard says:

      That’s so cool! Well, your God-story is such an inspiration to MANY!!! You’re a walking testimony. I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply. God bless you and your sweet family!

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