I’m Back! And Free What? {Also, Take Two.}

{This is my second time posting this blog because the first post no one received an email. Ack. I think we’ve fixed this kink, but as you’ll be able to see if you visit dabneyland.com, I’ve updated the site. Can you do me a favor? Can you let me know if you’ve received this post via email? That would be the best Christmas gift ever. I miss you guys! It’s good to be back.}

I’m Back!

I know.

Can you believe it? I have a new fancy-schmancy website thanks to the talented @megan__james!


And guess what? For continuing your loyalty to this blog, I have a free gift just for you. I know. Today is a good day. For the next week, if you comment below and let me know you’re already a subscriber, or if you subscribe to the blog, I’ll send you a link to download 11 of my favorite prayer note cards I use when the uneasiness of life creeps in. Here’s a sneak-peek of one of the designs:

It’s a win-win, really.

I get to hear from you (this always brightens my day!), and you get a free gift.

Thanks for taking a peek. I hope as you browse around, you’ll feel refreshed with more faith, and less fear.

In His hands (always),


PS Since this is a brand new website, we are still trying to work out all of the kinks. If you have a problem, would you let me know? I’d really appreciate this. And, I’d love to hang out with you more on Instagram or Facebook. Click either of the bold words to connect with me on a regular basis. : )

  1. Bobbie Cardullo says:

    HI Dabney,

    Have missed your beautiful face. Glad all is well and that you’re back. Also love reading what’s happening with you.

    Bobbie Cardullo

  2. Robyn Barkley says:

    So good to see you again love! I got your email and read the blog. Your website is super pretty!! congrats! xoxo hope you guys are well!

  3. Harriet says:

    I always love to get your emails. So good to hear from you again.

    • Am I allowed to admit that this is nice to read? You know when you write/blog, you really have no idea what the reader is thinking. As a writer, you just pray your way through and hope that God’s words bless those who happen to read them. God bless you today!!! : )

  4. Barb Uhazie says:

    So happy you’re back. You are such a great inspiration!

  5. M West says:

    Hi Dabney! So glad you are back to blogging. I love to hear what God is doing in and through you and your precious family!

  6. Paula Mantrozos says:

    So glad you are BACK!! Can’t get enough of Dabberdoo! 😉 Blessings to you and your sweet crew. Merry Christmas! I’ll take those cards, Missy!

  7. Barbara Behl says:

    Received your email, thank you!

  8. Koshernet says:

    Very happy to hear from you…yes I received your email and yes, I already receive your emails…Thanks

  9. Hello Dabney! I received this by email. Blessings to you! Caroline Abbott

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