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{Day 6}

“Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible.

But with God everything is possible.”

~ Matthew 19:26 NLT


On the third night of my stem cell transplant, I sat up in my hospital bed, gasping like someone was dunking my head underwater. Hitting the nurses’ call button, I stammered out, “I can’t breathe.”

With shaky hands, I dialed my husband around midnight for prayer.

Jason called our pastor and then followed by calling our family and friends, all the while my nurses injected some type of medicine into my IV. My eyelids slid shut, and I fell asleep upright slumped over my knees.

When I woke the next morning, a good portion of my family, even some from the next state away, stood beside me. What concerned me most was my 15-month-old daughter, whom I was told I wouldn’t see for five weeks because kids typically carry germs, and my weakened immune system was shot.

Yet, my daughter toddled around my room giggling out, “Mommy!” as the rest of my family just stood stoically. Some stared at me with arms crossing their bellies, some gripping the straps of their purse.

Unbeknownst to me, a miracle had happened that night. A pulmonary embolism (blood clot) was lodged in my left lung, minimizing the oxygen circulating throughout my body. And two more clots were forming. My doctors had called my family and told them to get to the hospital as fast as they could, because I wouldn’t make it through the night.

But there I was, somehow shallowly panting through the plastic tubes pushing oxygen into my lungs. To this day, no one has an answer for how I survived that night. And this is the beautiful fact I want you to understand.

Christ skews statistics.

He does.

Playing with the doctor’s charts and figures is His funny way of reminding the medical community who really is in control. Keep this in mind the next time someone tries to feed you their well-researched documentation of how your situation will play out. That percentage that’s supposed to help you gauge your odds of survival, that’s a man-made estimation based off of other people’s stories.

But you’re not other people.

You serve a Savior who doesn’t follow formulas.

And the fact is, your doctors aren’t powerful enough to heal you.

But God is.

Lay it down.


Trusting wholeheartedly in our doctors opens the door to fear when we hit another bump.

Trusting in our finances to keep us afloat can usher in false hope.

And trusting in our significant other may only bring us both down.

We can only trust in God.

He goes before us and paves a way so incredible that oftentimes leave doctors scratching their heads and saying, “We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

That’s because with God, everything is possible.


Who have you been trusting in?


Pray and ask God what He wants you to do differently:



“Anxiety is a result of envisioning the future without Me.

So the best defense against worry is staying in communication with Me.”

~ Sarah Young, Jesus Calling,

Enjoying Peace in His Presence


“As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.”

~ Psalm 138:3 NLT


 “O Sovereign Lord! You made the heavens and earth by your strong hand

and powerful arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”

~ Jeremiah 32:17 NIV


“Listen! The LORD’s arm is not too weak to save you, nor is his ear

too deaf to hear you call.”

~ Isaiah 59:1 NLT


You’ll notice that I skipped Day 5. That was on purpose. Eek. I actually did another zany thing…I submitted a tweaked version of Day 5 to Proverbs 31 Ministry to see if they’d pick it up, and I wasn’t sure what the rules were for submitting a devotional that had already been published (even if it was on my blog).

So, Lord willing, we’ll see if the devo speaks to them. : )

If you missed any of the first four days, click the underlined Day to read here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4.

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My dyslexic brain thanks you.

I’m praying that God blesses you guys this week!

Much love,


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