Eek. I’m so sorry if you just received a slew of bogus emails from Dabneyland.

Well, so much for trying to update my blog. Grrrr. It seems like I may have somehow sent out a bunch of bogus emails. The good news is that I think I was able to delete the problem, and hopefully this will not happen again.


The funny thing is that I truly am up to something and hope to be in touch soon about how to download the 31 Day Devotional for the Newly Diagnosed, as well as tactics to combat fear. And who knows, maybe in the not-too-distant future I’ll have my first semi-fiction book for you to peruse since my family has been on one crazy ride over the last 3 years. This book will mainly be fiction, sprinkled with honesty-to-goodness truth from our insane journey.

It’s bananas, I tell ya.

Until then, I pray you all are well! And again, I am sorry for all the spam emails. Geez. Technology can be wonky sometimes.



PS If anyone is super knowledgeable with WordPress, I’d love to chat. I think I’ve aged a few years watching all the tutorials. Ha. 😉

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