Suggestions, Please.

Well…many new things are coming to Dabneyland soon, and I can’t wait to share all the fun! For now, though, I need help.


I’ve tweaked a super scrumptious salted caramel sauce that I have to share with the world. This small batch sauce will hopefully be sold before Christmas, because, my goodness, they are just so yummy!

The first time I stumbled on this sauce was for a pie I was making, and let me tell you, after a couple of tweaks, I couldn’t stop dipping my spoon into the ooey-gooey goodness! The only hiccup is that I’m in need of a fun name.

That’s where you can help! Yay.

I’ve played around with a few names, but I also thought I’d ask my clever readers if they had any suggestions they’d like to offer? The hard part is that I can’t hand you a spoon to tasted the salted yumminess. It’s caramel sauce, for sure, but it’s kicked-up a notch with the yummiest salty zing. The night I caught my 16-year-old scooping spoonfuls straight from the jar, I just knew I needed to share this creation with others.

So please vote on a name, or create your own, if you have 48-seconds, or so. ; )

Thanks a bunch!


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