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Please Vote…or Create….or Both

Why hello, friends.


It’s me again. And this time I truly am (almost) ready to publish my 31-Day Devotional for the Newly Diagnosed in a pdf. downloadable format on my site.


Here’s the catch.


I’m trying to create a cover. Ha.


If you know me, you know I’m not super creative in this area. So this is where I enlist all of my favorite friends to offer feedback, or maybe, someone out there possibly loves to play around with Canva and could dream up a much prettier cover than the ones I have listed below? Obviously, if you submit something and I use this, I’ll absolutely give you credit.




So, please click the link below and  take a look at some of the covers and let me know if any of them resonate with your soul.





31-Day Devotional for the Newly Diagnosed from a (Former) Professional Patient


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