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DabneylandWho is this Dabney person:
I’m a wife, speaker, and professional patient. However, my most important role is managing The Hedegard Academy (est. 2003) where I instruct four gifted children. Writing, speaking, jogging (more like a fast walk with a hop),  and chasing kids are my passions.
What I Blog About:

Basically, God speaks, I blog.
Writing journey:
I currently write for Calvary Fort Lauderdale’s DailyDevo. I’ve written for the Good News newspaper in South Florida, and Charisma Magazine, however, two years ago I finished a five year on-again, off-again project I never dreamed would be published the traditional route: When God Intervenes (Tyndale House Publishers, July 1, 2013).
How to Contact me:
Click here.
Why Dabneyland:
Well, can anyone pronounce my last name: Hedegard?
Didn’t think so.
It’s bad enough my first name gets twisted to Danby, Darcy, Daffy, Babney—so, in an effort to save fellow followers the headache of guessing how to spell both my first and last name, Dabneyland was created. That, and I love all things Disney. A fun play on words seemed like a good idea for a blog.
Ask me again in 10 years.
(Psst. If you’re itching to know how to pronounce my last name, check out 41 Random Things About Me.)


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