41 Random Things About Me

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1. I was born in Tampa, FL.
2. I have condition called oligodontia. That’s a fancy word for a person genetically missing more than six teeth. I’m missing 10 (Thanks, Dad:).
3. I have implants. Two of my upper K9s are beautifully crafted fake teeth. The rest of my upper teeth are porcelain overlays. Long story. Let’s just say my teeth have been to Paris. I have not. I’ll blog about this one day.
4.  I love math. Grammarians beware–you will find typos on this blog. Sorry. But if you really loved me you’d point out minor mistakes. My brain thanks you.
5. I was dyslexic and struggled with reading comprehension as a kid. This explains #4.
6. I should have died 4 times, and I’ve survived 9 life-threatening illnesses. This video pretty much sums up the first few miracles. Sometimes I can’t even believe those images are me.
7. I love Christ with all my heart.
8. All my children are miracles. I wish I could have one more. Child that is. I think I’ve hit my miracle quota. 😉
9. I graduated Cum Laude from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a BA in Theatre and even played Lady Macbeth. I know, I’m short and blonde and not the stereotypical look of Macbeth’s crazy other half. It was an avant-garde thing. You should have seen my slinky costumes. Yikes!
10. I love public speaking.
11.  I always remember faces. I try super hard to remember names.
12. I LOVE Christian dance, techno, and bluesy music. Mandisa, Jamie Grace, anyone?
13. I wrote a book and even used some two-syllable words. This only proves God can equip anyone.Jason and Dabney
14. I wish I had my husband’s superhuman intelligence. He is off the charts smart. I’m talking Rain Man, MacGyver, and Steve Jobs rolled into one sexy bod. Seriously. Love that man.
15. 99% of people butcher my last name. It’s pronounced Head-uh-guard, but I answer to Hedgy-guard, too.
16. I’m addicted to Pinterest.
IMG_588317. I’m learning Latin. Well, only because I’m the Challenge 1 Director for Classical Conversations in Jupiter, FL. This basically means I tutor 12 high school aged students one day a week on 8 subjects: Math, Latin, Physical Science, Drama, Debate, Intro to Economics, American History, and Literature. Sleep is overrated.
18. I failed the 4th grade mid-year. Re-entering 3rd grade after the Christmas break at a new school is one of the few memories I wish I could erase.
19. I was always told I’d go to college. That was the best thing my mom ever spoke over me.
20. My parents are recovered/redeemed alcoholics.  Praise God. They divorced when I was two, but later remarried amazing spouses.
21. I have reactive hypoglycemia. This basically means I need to eat something every two hours or I get foggy, moody, or faint. Snacks are hidden in my purse for this very reason.
22. I’m saved because a landlord offered to waive rent for a couple of months if my mom would go to church with him. She became a Christian by week two.
23. I’m 5 feet tall.
24. I have osteopenia–the stage before osteoporosis.
25. I slog. AKA: slow jog. Think fast walk with a hop.
26. I love the color pink. The brighter the better. You should see my purse.
27. 1/3 of my lungs are unusable due to scar tissue.
28. I love organic food.
29. I love Disney. I mean L-O-V-E Disney. It’s one of the few memories I have as a kid. When my mom was single, she shot fireworks as a second job at Disney and Sea World. Most nights we were allowed to walk the parks while she worked. You know, because it was safe back in the good ol’ days to let your 9-year-old wander around alone. Um, I’m thinking some angels were involved here.
30. I have sporadic memories. Basically, the tragic, insanely hilarious, or profoundly sad images resurface when I don’t want them to. I refer to my journal to fill in the other blanks in my history.
31. I homeschool my kids. Here’s the reason why.
32. I don’t like breakfast. Well, I love Belgian waffles, baby Dutch pancakes, or Krispy Kremes’s cream-filled chocolate frosted donuts, but that’s not healthy, so I drink a veggie/fruit/chia smoothie or eat oatmeal most mornings.
33. I walked the Great Wall of China the day before we adopted this little cutie.
34. I have one baby in heaven. My dad met him/her April 16, 2013 when all his pain and suffering was healed. Our bodies may die, but our spirits live on forever.
35. I read YA novels. They’re G-rated and much better than most sitcoms. Well, some of them.
36. I always wanted to be a triple threat: actor, singer, dancer. I can’t sing or dance and my acting abilities are questionable. But I still do all three in front of the kids or in the car and sometimes in the mall. Life is too short, and after battling many illnesses and mild depression, I’ve learned to relax and live with my confidence in Christ.
37. I love laughing at myself. If I’m not careful, my inner 12-year-old seeps out. She’s fun. Lots of fun. Ask my teenager.IMG_0490
38. My pastor’s wife is my favorite encourager. One phone call from her and I’m reminded that God’s got bigger plans than I could ever imagine. Incredible.
39. My sister is super creative (check out her fab website) and decorates better than Martha. Decorating makes my throat constrict. Not kidding.
40. I want to travel to Paris one day since my teeth have already been there (#3).
41. I think God is nudging me to write a devotional A 90-Day Devotional for the Newly Diagnosed From a Professional Patient. A second book idea has come to mind, but I’m not sure the title is G-rated enough to post here. 😉 Let’s just say this is the book I wished I would have read 20+ years ago. 

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