{This is my second time posting this blog because the first post no one received an email. Ack. I think we’ve fixed this kink, but as you’ll be able to see if you visit dabneyland.com, I’ve updated the site. Can you do me a favor? Can you let me know if you’ve received this post […]

I’m Back! And Free What? {Also, Take Two.}

There are some things in life I want to be better at. Cooking restaurant-quality meals is one of them. I have one meal in my recipe box that meets this qualification. Mind you, my standards are high. While attending Palm Beach Atlantic University,I worked at a high-end members’ only restaurant that overlooked Palm Beach. This may […]

A Chance to Win Bragging Rights

Recently I was interviewed by Tricia Goyer from Living Inspired where I shared the one thing I wished I would have believed when I was first diagnosed, a tiny tidbit of wisdom that would have changed my fear-filled days into accepting the truth instead of the lies clouding my mind. Keep in mind while you […]

Recent Radio Interview {Plus Win a Free Copy of the Book}

From time to time, I review books when something piques my interest. Since thinking about decorating makes my brain hurt, I thought reading The Girl’s Guide to Your Dream Room might offer some tips for me and my girls on how to recreate their rooms. Let’s face it, I need all the help I can […]

Free Decorating Book Giveaway—A Fun Christmas Gift for the Girl in Your Life!

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