Hello, sweet friends. I’ve been doing something for the last few years, and it’s time to let you in on my secret. Eek. I’ve started to write a devotional for the newly diagnosed, and I think I’m ready for my favorite friends to have a sneak peek (that’s you!). I am hoping to release a […]

Opinions Needed {Day 1}

Yesterday I stumbled upon this while cleaning out my office:  Can you guess what it is? If you’ve read When God Intervenes, you’ll remember I mentioned the coloring/activity pages the elderly man gave me at church. Can you believe we kept this gem of a book after all these years? A smile crossed my face […]

Those Who've Read The Book Will Appreciate These {And, Happy 19th, Babe!}

Back in October, I shared part 2 of my story at my church’s Seasons event for women (right after I had just gotten over pneumonia…hence the random throat-clearing–praise God my cough was gone!). For those of you who could not attend, take a peek. PS Some of the ladies in attendance at this event remember […]

A Recent Speaking Event

There is a reason the beginning of chapter 14 in the book starts with, “I never knew pain could be so cruel.” The following cut content is what should have followed. In hindsight, I’m glad this more graphic part was axed. But, for those who have started treatment or know of someone going through treatment…I […]

What Every Chemo Patient Should Know (***Warning, PG13*** Guys just skip this one)

A few people have asked how I finagled a contract with Tyndale House Publishers. It wasn’t easy, and even though I felt this uncomfortable compulsion to finish this project, I had no guarantee the book would be picked up. The following is a guest post I wrote for my agent, Rachelle Gardner. Whether you’re a […]

How to Make the Most of a Writers' Conference

One of the things I’m often asked is if I speak at churches or events. And I do. So I finally stopped dragging my feet and found a way to share clips of me speaking. This required lots of sleuthing and then pretty much begging the hubs to teach me a thing or two about […]

Opinions Needed

Some days I need a reminder that my God is bigger than I give Him credit for. On those days, I re-read some of the sticky notes tapped to my desk. My favorite by far is the hot pink PostIt attached to a framed photo (the one above) that says, “Have you seen my God?” […]

Have You Seen My God? (And Prayer, Please.)

The proof is in the pudding, so they say. Next week I will send a list of names or “Influencers” to my publisher. So, what is an influencer? I’m glad you asked. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure this out myself. An influencer is someone who reads the book and spreads the word. Pretty simple, […]

Tell Me How Fabulous You Are (And Win a Copy of the Book)

Let’s get one thing straight, friends. This Friday, May 10, I will not be Debbie Downer when I speak at Calvary Church in Jupiter.Why do I need to clarify this? Well, our ever-talented Creative Director from Calvary, Kevin, chided me yesterday that he was going to insert faux tears on my video announcement they played […]

The Video I Wanted to Reshoot

After all the votes were tallied, here’s what you decided: 1) E: 35 (Headshot cover) 2) B: 28 (Blue cover w/ rushing doctor) 3) C: 16 (Collage of three photos) 4) D: 13 (Clouds, When God Intervenes) 5) A: 10 (Red and yellow cover with doctor) Jason and my sister, Christine, picked the top two (rushing […]

And The Book Cover Is…

Tyndale House Publishers designed amazing covers for this project. I’m curious, if the choice were up to you, which would you choose? A) B) C) D) E)

Which Cover Would You Choose?

“She’ll Never Make it Through the Night”: A football-sized-tumor and the decision keep her child initiated a battle of nine life-threatening illnesses The quoted words are the title of my book. The tagline following, well…that’s what I’ve been playing with. Help, please. Since taglines play an important part in drawing your reader in, I’d really love […]

Fellow Wordsmiths: Help (said in my most desperate voice)

Cacophony popped into my head the other day. Yeah. I didn’t know what the word meant either, and I certainly didn’t know how to spell it. Turns out it means “A harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.” I laughed. How perfect is that. I was writing a chapter where I felt something was missing, and this […]

Silly Prayers

Last Wednesday I entered Wonderland. Jason dropped me curbside at the airport for my Denver flight. While standing at check-in, a teenager asked to use my phone. She was waiting for her dad, she said. “Where are you?” she yelled. “Pick me up now! Now. Did you bring my meds? Get here!” She handed it […]

The Power of Prayer

  I have title envy reading the words Kisses from Katie. There. I said it. The words roll off my tongue making my mind want to read further. And therein lies the problem. I’m in the process of writing a not-so-fun book proposal for an upcoming Writing for the Soul conference in February. This handy-dandy packet […]


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