{Devotional} Fear is the great silencer in life. I remember the moment a friend asked if I’d speak at his crisis pregnancy fundraiser. After an uncomfortable chuckle, I refused. “I’m not a speaker,” I reminded him. He wasn’t looking for a speaker, he said, followed by something along the lines of, “God has given you […]

Face Your Fears

One of the things I’m often asked is if I speak at churches or events. And I do. So I finally stopped dragging my feet and found a way to share clips of me speaking. This required lots of sleuthing and then pretty much begging the hubs to teach me a thing or two about […]

Opinions Needed

Let’s get one thing straight, friends. This Friday, May 10, I will not be Debbie Downer when I speak at Calvary Church in Jupiter.Why do I need to clarify this? Well, our ever-talented Creative Director from Calvary, Kevin, chided me yesterday that he was going to insert faux tears on my video announcement they played […]

The Video I Wanted to Reshoot

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