My tagline used to read:
"Writer, Speaker, Professional Patient"
After surviving four near-death experiences, and 10 life-threatening illnesses, this description seemed fitting. After all, my journey began when a
football-sized tumor entangled my lungs, while a six-week-old baby grew in my belly below.
I did keep my sweet baby and battled chemo while pregnant, more chemo after her birth, and then radiation.
Three months later, my cancer returned.
Undergoing a stem cell transplant, multiple strokes, open heart surgery just to name a few, seemed like a fictional tale no one wants to face.
But my sicknesses brought me to this unique place. Because if anyone understands how a patient feels, it's me. For the longest time I wanted to be the normal girl. I did. 
But now I know God's using this uncomfortable part of my story to bring a little joy to those walking through a trial. He's even reminded me of how He sustained me. He used my family. My friends. And His Miraculous Interventions.
Now I hope He's using me to help you share a pretty little something for your soon-to-be survivor.
That's why my new tagline reads:
Uplifting gifts, sharing joy.
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