July 2009 Two months after being home from the hospital, the medical bills arrived in clumps. Some from Sabal; most for me. I wrote checks for the smaller statements first, leaving two large bills unpaid. We had $27.00 to survive the next couple of weeks. Scooping the piled papers together, the muscles around my neck […]

The Worst Two Years of My Life

When Sabal’s fingers touched my face, I knew morning had arrived. Through a thick fog and swollen eyes, my body slogged along until I sipped cups of morning coffee. That was me three years ago, in summer of 2010. Depression haunted my soul and felt much like I stood behind a plexiglass wall and couldn’t […]

8 Tips to Beat Depression

Three of my kids hid in their room, afraid to come out. While I sobbed on the floor, my oldest — ten years old at the time — tried comforting me, even prayed over my slackened body. Sadly, the weight of debt, insecurities and the fear of living in the middle of a cancer cluster […]

Are You Depressed?

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