{Day 8} “Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to him for protection.” ~ Proverbs 30:5 NLT   I clutched my red journal a sweet friend had given me before I started my stem cell transplant. Each time Scripture spoke to my soul, I jotted the words down along […]

{Day 8}

Ten days! That’s how soon I’ll have my surgery. Yippee!!!!! I’m so excited, so over-the-top thrilled! And I can’t stop praising God for His goodness. In case you’ve been following this journey, here’s an update of what’s happened and what’s happening next: Yesterday, 6.15.15, I had a TEE (transesophageal echocardiogram), which basically takes internal pictures […]

The Ball is Rolling….10 Days!

I’ll never forget the day I learned my cancer had returned. Standing in the kitchen, I gripped the phone as my oncologist shared the news. My knees gave out, and I slid to the floor. Deep from within, moans I’d never heard before bellowed out. Shock, fear, and then anger set in as I shouted […]

Search Me {And Surgery Update}

When Sabal’s fingers touched my face, I knew morning had arrived. Through a thick fog and swollen eyes, my body slogged along until I sipped cups of morning coffee. That was me three years ago, in summer of 2010. Depression haunted my soul and felt much like I stood behind a plexiglass wall and couldn’t […]

8 Tips to Beat Depression

I want to quit today. Don’t want to write any longer. The manuscript deadline is in 10 days. Distractions surround me: evicting tenants, renovating a trashed rental, setting appointments for potential new renters, and finding time to love on my babies. It’s enough to make me want to pitch everything. Everything. To hit delete and […]

Prayer Or A Swift Kick In The Backside

Cacophony popped into my head the other day. Yeah. I didn’t know what the word meant either, and I certainly didn’t know how to spell it. Turns out it means “A harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.” I laughed. How perfect is that. I was writing a chapter where I felt something was missing, and this […]

Silly Prayers

Just like each of us are created with different likes and dislikes—reaching out can look differently from one patient to the next. This is tough. But from personal experience, the following actions brought the greatest joy during the ugliest times in my life. 1)      Food. There’s a reason most churches have a meal ministry. When […]

9 Tips To Helping Someone Newly Diagnosed

Four little words rocked my world. As I sat down to dinner and reread my place card, I felt a second pair of eyes watching me. Almond-shaped eyes, to be exact. Ansley’s little body hugged close to the corner of the wall as she said, “Do you like it, Mommy. What I wrote?” How could […]

Dabney Is My Mom

You know it’s a bad day when this morning’s cold coffee is really a means to an end come 11:00 a.m. We had a fabulous weekend with family visiting and friends who graciously sacrificed their Sunday afternoon to de-clutter my back office and yank out unsightly bushes surrounding our 1950s fixer-upper. I loved the productivity. Then […]

Cold Coffee

Last Wednesday I entered Wonderland. Jason dropped me curbside at the airport for my Denver flight. While standing at check-in, a teenager asked to use my phone. She was waiting for her dad, she said. “Where are you?” she yelled. “Pick me up now! Now. Did you bring my meds? Get here!” She handed it […]

The Power of Prayer

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