A few people have asked how I finagled a contract with Tyndale House Publishers. It wasn’t easy, and even though I felt this uncomfortable compulsion to finish this project, I had no guarantee the book would be picked up. The following is a guest post I wrote for my agent, Rachelle Gardner. Whether you’re a […]

How to Make the Most of a Writers' Conference

After all the votes were tallied, here’s what you decided: 1) E: 35 (Headshot cover) 2) B: 28 (Blue cover w/ rushing doctor) 3) C: 16 (Collage of three photos) 4) D: 13 (Clouds, When God Intervenes) 5) A: 10 (Red and yellow cover with doctor) Jason and my sister, Christine, picked the top two (rushing […]

And The Book Cover Is…

Tyndale House Publishers designed amazing covers for this project. I’m curious, if the choice were up to you, which would you choose? A) B) C) D) E)

Which Cover Would You Choose?

  I have title envy reading the words Kisses from Katie. There. I said it. The words roll off my tongue making my mind want to read further. And therein lies the problem. I’m in the process of writing a not-so-fun book proposal for an upcoming Writing for the Soul conference in February. This handy-dandy packet […]


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