That’s what I heard while jogging. Err, rather…slogging. I can no longer claim that I jog when my thirteen-year-old walks the pace I run. We stumbled on this discovery last night. I digress. Listening to my FPEA Homeschool conference MP3, I replayed the last few seconds of Mark Hamby’s presentation just to be sure I […]

God's Trying To Kill You

Recently, I hit one of those downward spirals. From unexpected kitchen renovations due to moldy cabinets, to major plumbing repairs throughout the house. Add in multiple misunderstandings with the hubby, the kids acting like kids and the pressure to keep it altogether with a smile–I finally was pushed too far. One afternoon, I walked to […]

Are You Ready For Battle?

10. I love my husband. That’s kind of boring these days. 9. I’m not swearing like a sailor. Although I could. But it would require dropping large objects on my toe. Even then, you might only get a “shucky darn” outta of me. Just sayin’. 8. I use words like: Satan, Enemy, Father of Lies in my […]

10 Reasons This Blog Won't Make WordPress' Freshly Pressed

Life is a funny thing. Or maybe not so funny. Today is a day I never want to forget. My favorite oncologist, Dr. McGarry, started chemo this morning. This is difficult for many reasons. First, we were both diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease at a young age (he was 17, I was 25). Second, his re-occurrence of a […]

Life Is Not Fair

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