Mid-Saturday morning, I received the most hurtful email. The writer shared how her and her friends read my blog, and she basically surmised in bullet-point format their thoughts on how I had failed as a Christian.  I’ll only repeat a few of their comments…so hang with me. I promise there’s a redeeming reason in why I’m […]

Roar Back

It never fails. Each time I’ve given a presentation or radio interview, something crazy happens just before my event. Like a spontaneous guests popping by during my only quiet preparation time. The police knocking on my door. The computer crashing, pneumonia, serious brain fog, or power outages. Honest-to-goodness, my first scheduled book interview with Janet […]

Be a Pest. Drive God Crazy (part 2)

Recently, I hit one of those downward spirals. From unexpected kitchen renovations due to moldy cabinets, to major plumbing repairs throughout the house. Add in multiple misunderstandings with the hubby, the kids acting like kids and the pressure to keep it altogether with a smile–I finally was pushed too far. One afternoon, I walked to […]

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