When god intervenes




When Dabney Hedegard was six weeks pregnant, doctors discovered an eight-inch tumor embedded in her chest. She was diagnosed with cancer and opted to postpone treatment until further along in her pregnancy. 


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This marked the beginning of a ten-year battle against cancer, cardiomyopathy, mitral valve prolapse, pulmonary embolism, acute pneumonia, kidney failure, respiratory failure, and heart failure. In each instance, Dabney was given less than a 30 percent chance of surviving, and twice doctors told her husband, “She’ll never make it through the night.” But each time the doctors had given up hope, God intervened, miraculously rescuing Dabney from death’s doorstep. Part medical drama, part account of divine intervention, Dabney’s extraordinary story is a fast-paced, emotional roller-coaster ride that will have you crying one moment and cheering the next. Dabney’s journey is an indisputable testament to the undeniable power of prayer.

When God Intervenes


" Got the book on kindle. Started it on airplane today. I'm not a reader. I read about one book a year, because nothing interests me. I didn't put it down until just a minute ago and that is because I read the entire thing. It was awesome. Well written and addicting. Thanks for writing it. Your faith in God is inspiring." ~ M. Johns 

"What a rollercoaster ride Dabney!!!! You had me laughing and crying through the whole book. First book I've read in 20 years. God is own your side!!!!!"

 ~T. Venema 

"If you haven't already, order this book. I just finished it in two hours. I still have fresh, tear-stained cheeks. It is a raw, beautiful testament to the faithfulness of God and the fulfillment of His outrageous, often whispered, promises to us. I laughed. I cried. I cried some more. Then I spent precious moments basking in gratefulness to God for His love, His blessings and His intimacy with us in the darkest of times. Buy it now. Then buy it for a friend." ~ Lyndsey   

“Dabney's writing style really captured my attention. She was able to bear her soul and discuss the darkest times of her life, while keeping the writing light and humerous. I laughed on one page and cried on the next... I couldn't put it down. What is so incredible is that the entire story is TRUE. "
~ JU 

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